“Sul Hee” Writer Kang Kyung Ok Drops Lawsuit Against “Man from the Stars”

Kang Kyung Ok, the writer of the comic “Sul Hee,” has dropped the charges of plagiarism against SBS’ drama “Man from the Stars.” On July 3, Kang Kyung Ok’s legal representative said to OSEN, “Kang Kyung Ok dropped the charges on June 30. Through the mediation efforts made by a third party, the issue was resolved smoothly.”

Starting in January of this year, Kang Kyung Ok started posting on her blog about the potentially plagiarized story of “Man from the Stars,” and later filed a damage suit against HB Entertainment for 300 million won.

At this, HB Entertainment previously countered, “We will take strong legal action against the 600 million won lawsuit by ‘Sul Hee’ author Kang Kyung Ok.” The company explained that it has all the written evidence and witnesses to prove that Park Ji Eun, the writer of “Man from the Stars,” has worked on the story since 2003. It continued, “We have prepared to take legal action to demand compensation for the mental stress, material loss, and damages from issues with future enterprises.” The 600 million won is a combination of the lawsuit against the production company (300 million won) and the writer Park Ji Eun (300 million won).

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