Jin Yi Han Clarifies Relationship with Ha Ji Won

If you’re among those who panicked when the words “Jin Yi Han Ha Ji Won lover” came up on top of the search engines, then you’ll breathe a sigh of relief as Jin Yi Han, one half of the dating rumor, clarified his relationship with the actress Ha Ji Won as nothing but one between “same age friends.”

Through an interview with TVReport on July 2, Jin Yi Han gave his side regarding the rumors that circulated because of the search words “Jin Yi Han Ha Ji Won lover.” “I was surprised too. I don’t know why that went up there,” referring to the search words. “It’s not that at all,” the actor added.

Jin Yi Han and Ha Ji Won played the roles of “Tal Tal” and “Ki Seung Nyang”, respectively, in the MBC drama “Empress Ki.” Although the two had a student-teacher relationship in the drama, they exhibited an unusual chemistry that made fans support them as a couple.

“I’m the same age as Ji Won so we are friends. Because we also were the ones with the same age in the filming site, we talked a lot about the scenes so I guess some people thought there’s something going on between us seeing that we’re so close,” said Jin Yi Han.

However, now that filming is over, do they still maintain that close relationship? “Right now, we send messages to each other through Kakao Talk and ask how each one is doing,” said Jin Yi Han.