Son Dam Bi and Yoon Park Confirmed to Play a Couple for “What’s with This Family?”

Actress Son Dam Bi and Yoon Park will become a married couple for KBS2TV’s upcoming weekend drama “What’s With This Family?”

The beautiful singer/actress has been confirmed for the role of Kwon Hyo Jin, a smart and elegant food stylist from a wealthy family. This will mark Son Dam Bi’s return to the acting scene after a two-year break, her previous work being “Lights and Shadows” in 2012. Through her new character, she can be expected to showcase a soft and feminine side of her.

The role of Kwon Hyo Jin’s husband Cha Kang Je will be played by actor Yoon Park, who made a lasting impression with his performance on “Good Doctor” and “Will You Love and Give It Away?” His character is a professional doctor with no interest in anything else than studying and curing stomach cancer. 

Seo Kang Joon, Nam Ji Hyun, and ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik have already been confirmed to star in the drama.

“What’s With This Family?” will be the follow-up drama of “Wonderful Days,” and the pilot episode airs on August 16.