ZE:A Reveals That Siwan Used to Be Obsessed with Fashion

Although Kwanghee is often regarded as the fashion leader of ZE:A, seems like Siwan is the group’s original fashionista!

The ZE:A members were guests on KBS CoolFM’s “Lee So Ra’s Music Plaza” on July 3, when they revealed, “The member with the most interest in fashion was originally Siwan. It was an extremely serious addiction.”

“Currently, the member putting most effort into looking fashionable is Kwanghee. He will soon appear on a program about making clothes, so he seems to focus on fashion even more,” the members explained, and added, “He will probably soon become stressed because of that.”

Hearing this, Lee So Ra said, “When I met Kwanghee, he asked me ‘Which brand is that watch? Where did you get that bag?’ He is the first male celebrity to ask me such questions,” and agreed with the comments on Kwanghee’s interest in looking stylish.