Fly to the Sky Confesses Affectionate Juniors Make Them Uncomfortable

The duo Fly to the Sky made a rather unusual confession at the July 3 airing of the MBC FM4U show, “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

At the “Gathering of Teachers” corner of the show, DJ Kim Shin Young asked the duo, “Aren’t the juniors nowadays having a hard time (since the duo has made their comeback)?,” implying that as seniors, Fly to the Sky must be demanding their juniors to pay extra respect to them.

However, Hwanhee responded, “I think there would be those juniors who would think like that. But instead of the juniors who would be approaching us, we’re the one who feel burdened.”

Brian added, “The rookie singers come in tens and greets us in our room. If they greet us like that, honestly, it’s really uncomfortable for us.”

A tip to the idol groups: how about going in pairs instead so Fly to the Sky sunbae-nim do not feel uncomfortable?