WINNER’s Mino Experiences an Earthquake in 3rd “WINNER Week” Teaser

The third teaser for “WINNER Week” starring member Mino has just been revealed!

Unlike the previous clips with mellow background music and a light color scheme, the teaser starts off with Mino writing down his thoughts in a notebook at a humble diner. Wearing large rimmed glasses and a sleeveless knit, he is suddenly distracted by his fizzing drink. He decides to empty his glass, and a graceful dog sitting on the opposite seat takes a look at him. Next, Mino hears the disturbing sound an old lightbulb, and soon after the ground begins to shake. The teaser ends with the sound of an explosion while the video hints at WINNER’s debut this summer.

Fans have been guessing which tale by Oscar Wilde the video has been inspired by, with “The Remarkable Rocket” and “The Selfish Giant” being the popular suggestions.

Stay tuned for the teasers featuring Seung Yoon and Seung Hoon!