ZE:A’s Kwanghee Takes an Adorable Photo with Two Puppies

ZE:A member Kwanghee has revealed his soft spot for not only his own dog Mocca, but for all adorable dogs.

On July 3, the star updated his Instagram with a message saying, “White puppies are so cute,” and shared a photo of him posing with two young dogs.

In the picture, Kwanghee is smiling brightly as he holds two puppies in his arms, with both of them looking relaxed while resting their heads on the idol’s arms. Interestingly, the two almost look like copies of each other! Based on his bright expression, it seems like Kwanghee is having a fun time playing with the dogs, and his casual attire consisting of a casual sweater and a cap hints at a stress-free day.

In related news, Kwanghee is working as an MC for various shows on both cable and nation-wide TV.