Clazziquai Project Drops “Love Satellite” Video Ahead of New Album Release

Clazziquai Project has released the music video for the group’s new track, “Love Satellite.” The video was posted to the official YouTube channel of the group’s entertainment agency, Fluxus Music.

In the video’s description, Fluxus explains that the song will be the precursor to a full album release. The statement reads, “Clazziquai Project is the pride of Korean electronic pop, and will release the group’s sixth album to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut album [‘Instant Pig’]. ‘Love Satellite’ is being released in advance.” 

The new material is the long-awaited follow up to the “Blessed” album, which was released last year and featured the tracks “Love Recipe” and “Sweetest Name.”

“Love Satellite” is a bright, funky number with a strong bassline, and the video tells the tale of a strange pig-like creature’s fascination with a young woman.

Clazziquai Project is a collaborative project which comprises of production mastermind DJ Clazzi and vocalists Alex and Horan.