Jung Joon Young Can’t Believe He Attracts Smart, Foreign Fans

On the July 3 episode of MBC “Stargazing,” rock singer Jung Joon Young shared a story about a fan from his indie days.

The rock singer said that during his days performing in an indie band, he met a fan from a prestigious university. Jung Joon Young said the fan came up to him and said, “I’m currently taking my doctorate degree in the Molecular Biology Department of Seoul National University.”

Jung Joon Young continued, “I didn’t know that I had fans like her. She attends Seoul National University but how come she likes me?” The singer was completely dumbfounded upon knowing about his smart fan.

Apparently, smart fans are not the only ones that Jung Joon Young attracts. Claudia, a fan from Chile, shared, “My Spanish friend who’s a fan of Jung Joon Young since he appeared in ‘Uhljjang Generation’ sent me videos and photos of him. At first I wasn’t that interested in him but I saw him perform in Hongdae and I became a fan.”

Jung Joon Young Wishing Star

Jung Joon Young is too humble!