K.Will and SISTAR’s SoYu Star in Special Clip “Day 1?!”

K.Will gave his fans something extra with the release of a special clip for his latest single, “Day 1.”

The special clip entitled “Day 1?!” features K.Will alongside label mate SISTAR’s SoYu who also appeared in the music video for “Day 1” together with Park Min Woo. The video was released on July 3 through the official YouTube channel of Starship Entertainment, starshipTV.

The 20-second clip showed the two artists comfortably talking at a cafe. K.Will seemed to be giving SoYou an advice and taking lines off his song “Day1,” he said, “You must know about it already. There are good-looking guys but not a single one of them is nice.” SoYu then replied, “Oppa, you are REALLY nice,” and K.Will was happy to hear it and said, “Of course!” until he realized what SoYou meant.

I see what you did there, SoYu!