Actor Jung Woo Sung Talks About What Type of Woman He Wants to Marry

In an interview with OSEN on July 4, actor Jung Woo Sung revealed that he has a strong desire to get married.

During the interview, Jung Woo Sung shared, “I have been saying that I want to get married since I was in my 20s. Of course I still want to, but it’s not something that goes as planned,” creating laughter.

The actor continued, “I think I should be married by my mid-forties. However, it’s hard to not get cut off from the outside world when I’m filming. It seems like I miss the timing due to the nature of my profession. I’m always prepared [to get married].”

Also, he added, “I do have a preferred [ideal] type. But I think how well we connect emotionally is more important than that. I don’t make decisions based on someone’s physical appearance. A person’s charms can come from many different aspects like the way they speak or through their actions. Those kinds of charms are more convincing.”

Meanwhile, the new movie “The Divine Move,” in which Jung Woo Sung is starring, has been a box office hit since its release on July 2.
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