Chu Sarang Learns Judo from Her Grandfather on “Superman Returns”

During a recent filming that took place for KBS2’s “Superman Returns,” cameras followed Chu Sung Hoon and his daughter, Chu Sarang, as they made a visit to Osaka after a long time, to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday. The upcoming episode will show the Chu family taking a trip to Chu Sung Hoon’s alma mater judo gymnasium, where Chu Sarang surprised everyone with her natural ability to master the art of judo.

As soon as Sarang began learning judo, she fearlessly went head to head with her grandfather. Despite the obvious difference in size between the grandfather-granddaughter duo, Sarang displayed a determined gaze and set off to show her judo moves. She created laughter at the scene when she held on tightly to her grandfather like an insect on a tree. However, Sarang used her special move to pin him down and won the first round of the match.

After getting her first taste of victory, Sarang went after her grandfather and challenged him once again. It is said that Chu Sung Hoon was unable to hide his excitement at Sarang’s perfect judo form.

You can watch Chu Sarang learning judo on the next episode of “Superman Returns” on July 6 at 4:20 PM (KST).   
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