Ze:a and Nine Muses Will Do the Twist In Collaboration for “Immortal Song”

Idol groups Ze:a and Nine Muses will be showing a “couple’s’ dance together and took a “quadruple date” picture together.

The collaboration was for the July 5 episode of “Immortal Song.” Ze:a’s Kim Dong Jun, Park Hyung Sik, Kevin, and Ha Min Woo will dance with Nine Muses’ Kyungri, Minha, Sungah, and Hyunah in a special friendship number. The song they will perform is Turbo’s hit “Twist King.” The two groups promises an energetic performance that will seem to fit right in with the musical “Grease.”

In the photo the eight idols look like four pairs of adorable couples with the Ze:a members in their jean outfits and the Nine Muses in a bright colorful skirts. 

Ze:A and Nine Muses will present their collaboration performance on July 5 at 6PM KST on KBS.