Nam Goong Min Finds Hong Jin Young’s Gold Tooth Cute and Sexy?

The upcoming episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” will show singer Hong Jin Young and her virtual husband, actor Nam Goong Min, as they celebrate 100 days since getting married on the show. In honor of the special day, the two of them decided to begin planting a ‘couple garden’ together.

After a long day of planting in their garden, the couple sat down to have a snack and get rest. As they were enjoying some watermelon, Nam Goong Min stared intently at Hong Jin Young for a while before saying, “You have a gold plated cavity on your molar? It’s so cute,” and asked her to show it to him again. In response to his unexpected statement, Hong Jin Young became embarrassed and exclaimed, “Why are you saying that! Are you teasing me?”

Previously, Nam Goong Min had also taken Hong Jin Young by surprise when he pointed out the hair on her arms, saying, “It’s so cute I want to count them,” causing his wife to feel humiliated. Once again, Nam Goong Min is causing laughter with his strange attraction to peculiar parts of Hong Jin Young’s body—from her arm hair to her gold tooth.

Catch the next broadcast of “We Got Married” on July 5 at 4:55 PM (KST) on MBC.
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