M.Pire’s Lumin Tears When Father Seol Woon Do Came to M.Pire Performance

On the July 5 airing of MBC‘s “Human Documentary Good People,” the show followed the daily life of veteran singer Seol Woon Do and his son, Lumin of M.Pire. (Real name: Lee Seung Hyun)

The show featured Seol Woon Do going to his son’s last performance for M.Pire’s album. Seol Woon Do was seen cheering for his son as loud as he can. The veteran singer was also seen to have felt some burden when fans recognized him more than they did M.Pire.

After the performance, the veteran singer went backstage and found his son, Lumin. “Son, you were cool today. My throat is now hoarse because I screamed a lot. You’re the best. You knew that I would come all this way, didn’t you? Your father really thinks of you this much,” said Seol Woon Do.

M.Pire’s Lumin teared after, saying, “I felt so good that I can’t express it in words. He doesn’t really come to my performances but I was touched when he said that I worked hard. I want to succeed soon and become a good son to him. I want to show him an even bigger stage wherein people would be calling out our name, one that would make him even prouder.”

 M.Pire Lumin, Seol Woon Do