Girl’s Day’s Sojin Shares Her Startling Story About Seeing a Pervert

Girl’s Day member Sojin shared an awkward story about an encounter with a pervert. 

On the July 4 episode of “Witch Hunt” Sojin and fellow member Minah were one of the female guests on the show. On the topic of perverts (or flashers/Exhibitionist), Sojin talked about in her school days she had bold friends who would leer and make fun of the men who would flash them.

She also had one particular story that had happened to her when she was younger. She shared, “On one rainy day I saw a man with an umbrella sitting in an alley. I wondered why he was washing sweet potatoes outside. When I turned around to look again I realized that was not a sweet potato.”

When fellow guest model Song Kyung Ah realized what Sojin was referring to she covered her face and started laughing. It didn’t take much longer for the other cast members to realize what she had actually seen.