U-KISS’ Soohyun Gifts Fans with Solo Video

U-KISS‘ leader and main vocal Shin Soohyun surprised his fans on July 5 when the group’s official YouTube channel, U-KISS, released a solo video of him singing his own rendition of balladeer Lim Chang Jung‘s song, “Like a Fool.”

The song showcased Soohyun’s delicate vocal prowess as he sang the heartbreaking ballad. Dressed in a white printed shirt and jeans, the video is as raw as it could get and showed Soohyun in the studio as he records the song. Towards the end of the song, Soohyun wrote on his lyric sheet, “A Fool Who Only Sees KISSME

U-KISS fans, also known as KISSME, are very touched with the gesture of Soohyun offering them a song. Comments poured in, complimenting the leader in his singing. Some fans even speculated that NH Media might be preparing a solo career for the singer.