Crayon Pop Holds Surprising Fan Service to Three Lucky Canadian Fans

Three lucky Canadian fans got to experience the superb fan service of Crayon Pop when the girls stopped their bus and got off to meet them on the street.

According to a fan account posted on July 2 at an online community for Crayon Pop, the three guys got together as they searched for the group’s bus to get a chance to meet the girls. However, since the bus was parked in a private space, they didn’t have a choice but to wait for the bus to leave. After the concert, as the girls were making their way to leave the venue, Crayon Pop member Geummi noticed the guys on the street and made heart signs for them. The three guys reciprocated Geummi’s fan service and threw more hearts to her and the other girls. The girls were obviously happy about their fans who were showing them so much love that they took photos of them from the bus until Geummi apparently asked the driver to stop the bus for Crayon Pop to get off and meet the fans. The Crayon Pop members got off the bus, met the three fans personally, took a photo with them, and signed their CDs.

A representative from Chrome Entertainment, Crayon Pop’s agency, said, “After finishing their opening performance for Lady Gaga in Montreal, they were in a hurry to travel to their next destination. However, upon discovering their fans, Crayon Pop members requested to stop the tour bus. They shook hands with each fan, gave autographs and took photos to show their gratitude.”

Known for their extreme kindness when it comes to fan service–the group holds regular handshake events and meal gatherings with their fans–Crayon Pop’s fan service has gained a lot of attention not only in Korea but internationally as well.

Crayon Pop is currently performing opening stages for Lady Gaga’s North American concert tour, “artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball.”. The group is scheduled to perform in 13 legs in 12 cities across Canada and the United States within a month.

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