Lee Min Ki and Lee Tae Im’s Bed Scene in “For the Emperor” Leaked

Scenes from the upcoming movie “For the Emperor” were illegally distributed on various online communities.

Particularly, Lee Min Ki and Lee Tae Im‘s bed scene were edited out and leaked, but the situation is already contained according to the producers of the movie.

In a statement made with TenAsia, the production company said, “A netizen who was able to see the movie illegally edited the parts where Lee Tae Im appears and distributed it.” This video of the actress is said to show her in a bed scene with co-actor Lee Min Ki in the movie.

In another interview with OSEN, a representative from the production of upcoming movie “For the Emperor” said, “We confirmed that there is a video circulating (the internet) yesterday. We have acted on deleting the videos for the most part and currently, we understand that it isn’t being distributed anymore.”

The representative added that no charges were made towards the person who distributed the clips illegally but if ever that person releases more clips from the movie, then they would make further actions.