WINNER’s Seung Hoon Escapes to a Carnival in 5th “WINNER Week” Teaser

In the fifth teaser for “WINNER Week” released on July 5, WINNER‘s Lee Seung Hoon is shown being annoyed as he strolls in the park while being followed by a female bodyguard. By dusk, he reached a nearby carnival where he manages to lose the bodyguard who has been following him all day. While on a ride, he realizes that he was finally free of the person who keeps watching him and he smiles and enjoys himself and his freedom.

The previous teasers for Kim Jinwoo, Song Mino,  Nam Taehyunand Kang Seung Yoon raised the anticipation of fans for the group’s upcoming debut, “The Visitor.

The sixth and final teaser video for “WINNER Week” will be released tomorrow, July 6, 8:01 p.m. (KST)