Former After School Member Bekah Takes Fun Selcas with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

A few days ago, fans were able to see a photo of the reunion of two former After School members, Kahi and Bekah, together. Once again, Bekah has updated her fans with her recent whereabouts through another photo.

On July 3, Bekah posted a message on her personal Instagram account, “@syofgg you’re a beauty inside & out <3,” along with a series of four fun selcas taken with Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung.

In the revealed picture, you can see Bekah and Sooyoung looking friendly and posing affectionately while making silly faces at the camera. Both of them appear to be wearing minimal to no makeup, as they flash bright smiles and give off a refreshing vibe.

Meanwhile, Bekah left After School in 2011. Follow her on Instagram (@superbek) if you haven’t already!