Tablo Picks His Daughter Haru as His Muse

Epik High singer and one of the star fathers from the popular TV show “Superman Returns,” Tablo, posted on his Instagram one picture of himself with Haru and another one with only Haru and wrote, “Artist and his muse,” “At her dad’s studio.”

The show airs on every Sunday and starting from today, actor Song Il Gook will join the show along with his triplet sons.

Though it has been going for more than two months, did you guys know that China’s Zhejiang Television (ZJTV) started to produce and air the Chinese version of “Superman Returns” named “Dad is Back“? The show stars former Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit member Wu Chun, movie producer Zhong Lei Wang, actor Jia Nailiang, and former gymnastics athlete Li Xiapeng. The show was produced in collaboration with the producers of the Korean KBS network and follows the same concept as the Korean version.

Tablo and Haru picture