Dynamic Duo’s Choiza Gives a Comical Response to the Mention of His Infamous Wallet on “The Human Condition”

Dynamic Duo member Choiza‘s wallet was mentioned again, this time, very comically, through the variety show “The Human Condition” episode that aired on July 5.

Comedian Jung Tae Ho and Choiza were talking about seafood and when Choiza said that he was on his way to buy some, Jung Tae Ho laughingly said, “Be careful of your wallet.” The singer replied, “I will not be lenient on you, too!” and both he and Jung Tae Ho burst into laughter.

Choiza’s wallet is a sensitive subject as a picture of the artist’s wallet was spread around the internet two weeks ago. Inside the wallet were pictures of f(x)‘s Sulli and Choiza looking affection. Sulli and Choiza had previously been caught up in dating rumors and both sides had denied it at that time.

Choiza’s agency admitted that the wallet was his and stated, “On the perpetrator taking personal photos and releasing them online, we will not be lenient.” Choiza, in “Human Condition,” was using the now infamous phrase – “we will not be lenient”- that is associated with his wallet, creating a comical situation.

Choiza's wallet