Kris Reportedly Dating Chinese Film Director and Actress Xu Jinglei, Helped Him Leave SM

EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan, 23 years old, turning 24 this year) has been reported to be dating Xu Jinglei (40 years old), a Chinese film director and actress. Kris has been actively promoting as an actor in China after leaving EXO earlier this year, and Xu Jinglei is the director of Kris’s first movie.

According to what an influential entertainment representative in China revealed to Sports World, “Xu Jinglei and Kris are in a relationship. Xu Jinglei was interested in Kris even during his time with EXO. At the time, Kris was young, but he couldn’t help but fall for Xu Jinglei. She gave him a lot of help in the process of leaving SM. Although there is a 16-year age difference between them, Xu Jinglei is the only person that Kris is depending on right now. Their relationship is an openly known fact only among influential entertainment officials.”

Previously, there have been speculations about Xu Jinglei’s connection with Kris after the director made a post on her personal Weibo in what appeared to be a reference to Kris. Then, there were rumors that Kris would be starring as the lead role in her new movie “Somewhere Only We Know,” which were later confirmed to be true. In the past, Xu Jinglei was also caught up in relationship rumors with Taiwanese singer Stanley Huang, with some media outlets even saying that the two were married.

In other news, the 11 members of EXO recently appeared as guests on a Chinese variety show called “Happy Camp,” where they shed tears as they talked about Kris and the group’s hardships.

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