g.o.d Walks into a Club in “Saturday Night” MV Teaser

All five men of g.o.dKim Tae Woo, Yoon Kye Sang, Son Ho Young, Danny Ahn, and Park Joon Hyung–are shown getting ready to heat up the night as they made their way in to a club filled with ladies in the latest teaser released for their upcoming song, “Saturday Night.”

In the 22-second teaser, the men of g.o.d, who are all looking dapper in their coordinated electric blue suits, paced their way and checked out the scene. 

Released on July 6 via the group’s official YouTube channel, the teaser excited the group’s fans as a part of Joon Hyung’s rap part served as background music.

Expect the full music video for their song, “Saturday Night,” when it drops on the midnight of July 8.