Why Does Singer Hong Jin Young Wish to Move the Time Slot of “We Got Married”?

Female singer Hong Jin Young revealed in an interview with MBC “Section TV” aired on July 6 that she hopes their show, “We Got Married,” gets moved to a later time slot.

“Because our program is viewed by those aged 15 and above. For the sake of having skinship, I hope our program’s time slot gets moved to a later time,” the singer gave her honest opinion.

And what could she want to do if their show does get to be moved to a later timeslot? “It’s been a long while since I last held the hands of a lover,” Hong Jin Young said.

The singer also revealed that it is her first time traveling with a guy. “Nam Goong Min is the first guy I went on a trip with. Comments (at the show’s board) might say ‘He’s the first for this week’ but really, it’s true, (he’s the first guy I’ve ever gone on a trip with),” confessed Hong Jin Young.

Hong Jin Young