A Pink’s Bomi and Baek Sung Hyun Have an Awkward Car Ride on “Running Man”

Awkwardness was in the air as A Pink member Bomi and actor Baek Sung Hyun shared a car ride on “Running Man.”

On the July 6 episode of the popular variety show, the two celebrities among other guests had a fun tour in the beautiful city of Gyeongju.

Being paired up as team for the day, Bomi and Baek Sung Hyun rode the car to the next location, but they had a difficult time coming up with things to discuss. Both of them stayed quiet throughout the journey while trying to ignore the awkwardness. 

Finally, Baek Sung Hyun opened his mouth to ask where Bomi is originally from, and after sharing a few words about their hometowns, the two returned to complete silence. After a while that must have felt like forever, they burst into laughter as the situation seemed to appear hilarious to both of them.

Check out their cute first date-like discussion on their hometowns below!