Actor Song Il Gook and His Triplets Make Their First Appearance on “Superman Returns”

On the July 6 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s variety show “Superman Returns,” a new family has been introduced after actor Jang Hyun Sung and his sons, Jun Woo and Jun Seo, said goodbye to the show last week.

During this week’s episode, actor Song Il Gook and his adorable triplets made their very first appearance on the show. The actor’s three sons, born in March of 2012 (27 months old), are named Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se. Their names are very unique because when you put the names of the first and second (of the three children) together—’Dae Han Min Gook’—it means the ‘Republic of Korea’ in the Korean language. Additionally, ‘Man Se’ means ‘Hurrah,’ so when all three of the triplets’ names are combined in that order, it gives the meaning of “Republic of Korea, hurrah!”

Many viewers were surprised to see how well Song Il Gook was able to take care of the three children, as well as the housework.

In an interview with the producers, Song Il Gook shared, “Dae Han acts like the eldest son, Min Gook tends to have a lot of jealousy, and Man Se is a free spirit.”

Are you excited to see more of Song Il Gook’s triplets on “Superman Returns?” 
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