M.Pire’s Lumin Receives Harsh Advice from Celebrity Father Seol Woon Do

Many say that wisdom comes with many years. Wonder what kind of advice a celebrity father gives to a celebrity son?

M.Pire’s Lumin appeared on MBC’s “Human Documentary: People Are Great” July 5 broadcast with his father Seol Woon Do. The scene shows the family commuting when Seol Woon Do asks a production staff member, “Who filmed Tae Jin Ah’s episode? And is his son Eru really that popular in Indonesia?”

Lumin answered, “He’s very popular. It’s because the song [“Black Glasses”] is very good.” Father comments, “He probably makes good money. Over there.” Lumin quickly suggested, “He made loads. It would be good if you and I filmed CFs.”

Seol Woon Do advised, “First, you need to change your mindset [about quickly making money].” He later told his son, “You shouldn’t do trot. Your prenatal education is trot. However, if you don’t have the groove required for trot, you can never try it. Just sing teen songs for a bit and quit [being a singer] when you get older.”

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