INFINITE’s Sungyeol Expresses Worry About Being Compared to Won Bin by “High School: Love On” Costar Kim Sae Ron

On July 7, at a press conference for the upcoming KBS drama “High School: Love On,” INFINITE’s Sungyeol expressed his concern about being compared to Won Bin by costar Kim Sae Ron.

The INFINITE member said, “Kim Sae Ron has worked with a lot of A-list actors like Won Bin, so I thought she might regard me as a squid or something, and it was a bit hard to approach her at first. But, she actually took initiative and approached me, which I’m thankful for.”

INFINITE member Woohyun, who is also starring in the drama, said, “I met Kim Sae Ron three years ago at a music program, and we took a photo together. At the time, I thought she seemed really young, but seeing her now, all grown up, it’s pretty cool. We’re learning a lot from Kim Sae Ron sunbae [acting senior] on the set, too.”

Kim Sae Ron, nine years younger than the INFINITE members and their acting senior, will be playing the INFINITE members’ high school peers in the new drama. 

“High School: Love On” will air its first episode on July 11 at 8:55 PM (KST).