ZE:A’s Im Siwan Is Considering a Role in Upcoming Film “The Tooth and the Nail”

Idol and actor Im Siwan has announced that he is currently looking over the script for the upcoming film “The Tooth and the Nail“. 

His agency Star Empire announced on July 7, “Siwan has received the script for ‘The Tooth and the Nail’. He is going through the script now, and we have yet to decide whether to take the role.”

“The Tooth and the Nail” tells the story of a magician who marries a woman he meets by chance, and gets thrown into unexpected circumstances. It will be directed by director Jung Sik, most well-known for directing the horror movie “Gidam“. 

Meanwhile, actor Han Suk Kyu has turned down the role in the movie after much consideration, according to his agency Clover Company