Lee Hyori Resembles Her Oldest Sister

Singer Lee Hyori revealed a picture of her oldest sister, who resembles herself.

On July 5, Lee Hyori uploaded a picture on her blog with the following caption: “On this rainy day, my oldest sister came over to have fun. She’s my older sister that has a lot in common with me, such as our appearance and the things we like.”

In the picture, both Hyori and her sister don’t have makeup on, but they do clearly resemble each other from their facial appearance to their tan skin.

Hyori also uploaded another picture and wrote “We played cat’s cradle after such a long time. It was fun.” Hyori drew attention for her ordinary-looking appearance which counters her extravagant top-star image.

Netizens who saw Hyori’s family picture had various responses such as “Lee Hyori resembles her oldest sister,” “Lee Hyori is pretty even when she does not wear makeup,” “I am starting to feel Lee Hyori’s ordinary happiness,” “I don’t even think of the singer Lee Hyori [when I look at these pictures]” and “Isn’t Lee Hyori going to have a comeback?”