g.o.d Brings in the Laughs and Nostalgia in Funny Music Video for “Saturday Night”

This is how you do comeback. 

After topping the charts with “Sky Blue Promise” and “The Lone Duckling”  from eighth album, first generation idol group g.o.d promises another hit with the release of the music video for their third title track, “Saturday Night.”

“Saturday Night” is a catchy, disco inspired dance song with plenty of references to some of g.o.d’s classic dance songs. The music video starts off with the members updating each other on their lives. Danny Ahn works at a hot club, Park Joon Hyun works at a tire company, Son Ho Young is a boxer, Yoon Kye Sang works at an office, and Kim Tae Woo teaches at a kindergarten. However, the truth of their lives is a little different than how they describe it. g.o.d. fans and those who are just getting to know this group more will enjoy the goofiness and energy of this comedic music video (which also a cameo from Choi Hong Man).