IU Speaks of Pre-Debut Family Pressures on “Healing Camp”

IU has spoken of the difficulties of her pre-debut family life, admitting that her childhood was full of tough times. The singer was speaking on the SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” which aired in the evening of July 7.

In a frank interview on the show, she revealed that a great strain was put on her at an early age when financial pressures resulted in tough times for her family.

She said, “My father’s business project failed, and it meant that various members of my family ended up living in different places.”

The singer recalled her reaction to a traumatic occasion when her mother asked her if she would prefer to live with her, or to go to stay with her father. “I told her I’d rather live alone than live with her,” said IU. “And it’s something I regret saying to this very day.”

IU’s musical debut came at the age of 15, when she released the mini album “Growing Up.” The star has recently featured on a track for g.o.d’s comeback album, “Chapter 8.

You can check out footage of IU on “Healing Camp” in the video below.