Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun to Sing at Texas Rangers Game for Korean American Heritage Night

Wonder GirlsYe Eun (also known as Yenny) will be going to Texas to sing for a special Korean American event. 

On July 11, Ye Eun will sing the Korean national anthem at a game between the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels for their Korean American Heritage Night. The event is a first for the Texas baseball team. The night will not only have a game, but special musical performances from Korean culture groups and a Taekwondo demonstration. The stadium will also sell Korean beer and “bulgogi burgers” to celebrate this event. 

Ye Eun was invited to sing for the event by News Korea, after ranking in online voting for celebrities people wanted to see. Ye Eun could also do a fan signing on the same day for a special “Choo Shin Soo Fan Sign” event, as she has a good relationship with the current Texas Rangers player.

Thanks to wonderfacts for the tip!