NU’EST Voice Their Concerns and Thoughts in Comeback Spoiler Ep. 1

NU’EST recently released episode one of their comeback spoilers, where they talked a little bit about their upcoming return to the stage.

Baekho says, “It’s half worry, half anticipation. To be honest, my throat is in bad condition. That’s why I’m worried. Even recording for this new album, if you listen, you can hear it. I’m worried about the album, and I’m worried about me, too.”

JR: “We have a lot of concerns now, about what we need to do.”

Minhyun: “Fans are showing a lot of interest, so we have a lot of anticipation [for this new album]… We are singers, so of course we want to sing and dance on stage. But, for the last 10 months, we really didn’t have a whole lot of opportunities to be on stage. Rather than it being tough, we just missed it: performing.”

Ren: “I think, without even realizing it, there’s a masculinity in me that’s coming out. Which gives me more confidence..”

Aron: “All the hard times I went through.. I want to thank the fans for always supporting me and showing me their love and support. It’s thanks to the fans that I made it on stage, and debuted, so…”

NU’EST’s first studio album, “Re:BIRTH,” drops July 9

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