Park Si Yeon, No Min Woo, and Bae Soo Bin Confirmed for “Greatest Marriage”

Park Si Yeon, Baek Soo Bin, and No Min Woo have been confirmed to be in upcoming drama “Greatest Marriage“.

“Greatest Marriage” will be a hybrid comic-melodrama which will tell the story of an unmarried mother in her thirties, exploring the idea of “what is the ideal type of marriage for the women of this society?”

Park Si Yeon, in her first acting role since her drug scandal, will play broadcast anchorwoman Cha Ki Young, who decides to give birth to a child without getting married.

The drama will air on the cable channel TV Chosun. The supporting cast has yet to be announced, but it is also going to be stellar, according to producer Oh Jong Rok and screenwriter Go Yoon Hee

“Greatest Marriage” will begin airing this September.