Maya to Return as a Singer after Six Years

Maya will be having her much-awaited comeback as a singer after six years. During that time, she has been active as an actor, appearing in dramas like “Ugly Alert” and “Family’s Honor“.

Maya’s agency released the first promotional material on July 8, announcing, “Maya will be releasing a new album after six years of hiatus from music. She will be directly participating in the music video production as well.” 

The first promotional picture released is raising some curiosity, as it says, “Have you drawn on some faces before?”, asking makeup artists to join Maya for her music video. According to the image, she is looking for unique makeup artists who work with body painting and fantasy makeup. The chosen makeup artists will be able to work with Maya for the music video, and have their works displayed at the showcase. 

Exact dates for Maya’s comeback have yet to be released. Keep an eye out for more updates!