“Superstar K5” Winner Parc Jae Jung to Make His Official Debut This Month!

Mnet’s “Superstar K5” winner Parc Jae Jung is set to make his official debut into the music industry on July 17.

A debut trailer (rated 19+) titled “Stalker,” was revealed through YouTube on July 8, making his debut known to fans. The teaser used a remix of the singer’s final audition song, “At First Sight,” which gives off a chilling atmosphere. The 20-second video clip is raising curiosity and receiving attention for showcasing unique and unconventional scenes, such as a female who appears to be in pain while bound by handcuffs, and another showing off full-body tattoos, as well as Parc Jae Jung’s chic appearance with his pomade hairstyle in an all black and white background.

Parc Jae Jung’s upcoming debut album will be his first time returning to the public eye since the completion of “Superstar K” eight months ago.

Check out the trailer below!