g.o.d Member Yoon Kye Sang Hospitalized for Meningitis, Park Joon Hyung, Assures Fans He Is Ok

On July 8, g.o.d member Yoon Kye Sang was hospitalized for meningitis. The next day, fellow member Park Joon Hyung took to Instagram to reassure fans that there is nothing to worry about. He said, “I just got back from seeing the grinning, good-looking face of Kye Sang. We had juice together and joked around, too. We’ve been working hard lately, and with the heat and fatigue, he just needs to rest a bit to let his immune system and body recover, so there’s no need to worry.”

“You know Kye Sang. He’s strong. And that’s why he’s my little bro. He said to tell you that he’s thankful for your concern. It’s hot, so drink lots of water, and stay healthy! Health is the best!”

According to Saram Entertainment, Yoon Kye Sang visited the hospital because he wasn’t feeling well and was diagnosed with the beginning stages of meningitis. However, he has recovered significantly and with a couple more days of rest, he will have no problem participating in the upcoming g.o.d concerts.

g.o.d will be holding their 15th anniversary concerts on July 12 and 13 in Seoul, after which they will travel to other cities in Korea in August.