f(x)’s Victoria Thinks She’s Old and Wonders: “What Would I Be Doing If I Wasn’t A Celebrity?”

f(x) members appeared on the 6th episode of “Jessica & Krystal,” which aired on July 9. The group recently made its comeback with “Red Light,” and Victoria and Luna hung out with Krystal after they finished a comeback stage. After grabbing patbingsoo on the way, they headed towards Jessica and Krystal’s abode where they enjoy grilling beef for dinner, which Jessica bought and left for Krystal since she was abroad performing at a Girls’ Generation concert in Japan.

The girls touched on various topics, and shared their first impressions of each other and how they’ve matured. Victoria revealed her thoughts on the topic of age, “These days I wonder what females my age think, and how they live. Also, I wonder what I would be doing if I wasn’t a celebrity.”

“Jessica & Krystal” airs every Tuesday at 11:05 p.m. (KST).

 Watch the scene below: