B.I.G Makes Unconventional Debut Reppin’ All Things Korean in “Hello” MV

Rookie boy group B.I.G (Boys in Groove) quickly set itself apart from the idol pack with the release of unconventional track “Hello.” The single is composed by Playing Adult, the composer who also worked with other K-Pop acts including Kara, A Pink, Girl’s Day, and U-Kiss.

“Hello” is a refreshing track saluting to all things Korean, from the cars to the food, and referencing K-Pop culture. It will be a fun game for any Korean culture lover to spot as many references as possible. However, the boys switch the angle during the chorus to say “Hello” in many languages from English, Chinese, Thai, French, and more.

A representative from its agency said, “Debut track ‘Hello’ represents the members well. Please look forward to their debut stages in the various music programs.”