NU’EST Releases “Re:BIRTH” Album and “Good Bye Bye” MV

On July 9, five-member boy group NU’EST released their first full studio album “Re:BIRTH,” two years after their debut. As the name suggests, this album is significant of the group’s growth and new departure.

NU’EST’s new title track “Good Bye Bye” is of a genre that the group has not done before, and carries the dual meaning of letting an old love go, as well as letting their old selves go. The rest of the songs on the album also were put together with the group’s “rebirth” in mind.

Including the title track, there are a total of seven tracks on the new album, four of which are from their previous releases, including NU’EST’s debut track “ Face,” “Action,” and “Hello.” There will also be a bonus track included with the album.

NU’EST is kicking off their promotions with a showcase that they are holding today, and will also be hitting up the music programs this week. 

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