Ailee and 2LSON Release Heartwarming Teaser for New Collab “I’m in Love” Feat. Park Soo Jin, Seo Kang Joon, and Dave

Earlier this week, on July 7, a teaser video was released announcing a fifth “re;code” project from producer trio 2LSON. The teaser ended with a silhouette of the featured artist, announcing the singer as a ‘huge voice that will surprise everyone.’ Not long after the release of the first teaser, the artist in question was revealed to be none other than the New Jersey native Ailee, for a song called “I’m in Love.”

Representatives of the “re;code” project said, “’I’m in Love’ is a quality song that Ailee decided to sing after having heard it and fallen in love. The song perfectly brings together the passion of the songwriters and the affection of the singer, and is a kind of work difficult to come by in this day and age.”

Having gained popularity with their previous “re;code” projects, including “Officially Missing You” by SISTAR’s Soyou and Geeks, anticipation is high for 2LSON’s new project with Ailee.

A teaser video was released on July 9 for the song, featuring Park Soo Jin, Seo Kang Joon, and Dave. The three talk about love, their dialogue accompanied with heartwarming camera footage of people going out of their way to help strangers. The video ends with a short clip of the song, showing Ailee’s “huge voice” indeed.

Ailee and 2LSON’s “I’m in Love” drops on July 11.