“Roommate” Song Ga Yeon Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Rumors

Song Ga Yeon, the resident fighter of SBS’ “Roommate,” recently opened up about her face and plastic surgery.

On July 9, through her agency, Song Ga Yeon touched upon the high chance of hurting her face during her upcoming MMA (mixed martial arts) matches. “I received that question from a lot of people. However, I’m not worried. If my face scratches up in the middle of a fight, then I’ll just have to stitch it back up, and if it bruises up, it will disappear with time.”

When asked if she’s really natural and didn’t receive plastic surgery due to her nickname ‘beauty fighter, Song Ga Yeon shared, “I didn’t touch a single place on my face. It’s embarrassing to say it with my own two lips, but I’ve heard that I’m pretty since I was young. I’ve never thought about getting plastic surgery because the money spent would be such a waste.”

Song Ga Yeon, who was a ring girl, will soon make her MMA debut on July 17 through ROAD Fighting Championship 17, which will be held at the Seoul Olympic Hall in Seoul.