Joo Ji Hoon Talks About When He Gets Mad at Gain

On July 8, “Confession” actors Joo Ji Hoon and Lee Kwang Soo guest starred on Lee Hyori and Moon Sori’s “Magic Eye,” where they talked about “anger that kills others and kills ourselves.”

On the show, Joo Ji Hoon talked about his relationship with Brown Eyed Girls member Gain. The hosts asked him, “You seem like you’re hot-tempered. Truthfully, does Gain ever make you really mad? And what do you do when you’re mad?”

“No matter what it is, I give it three passes, whether it’s my girlfriend or whoever. After the three passes are up, I’ll say something with force,” said Joo Ji Hoon.

Hong Jin Kyung, also one of the hosts on the show, asked, “When did you and Gain have your biggest fight?”

The actor replied, “I think I’m pretty sweet in my own way. I don’t want to pressure her. I always find the time we are together precious, and don’t want to spend any of it fighting, so I always remind her an hour before we meet that I’m coming to pick her up. I used to model, so I have a rough idea of what girls do when they get ready, and I call again 30 minutes before I arrive, after which I call at 10 minute intervals.”

Host Moon Sori joked, “She must not have any time to get ready because you call her so much!” Hong Jin Kyung added, “That sounds like pressure..”

He continued, saying, “Even after I arrive, it sometimes takes her 40 minutes to an hour before she comes out of the house. Even then, I don’t get mad. I don’t want to spend our date in a bad mood. And if you’re late, a simple apology works. But, when you start to blame someone else, as if you had no choice but to be late, that’s when I get mad.”

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