Taeyang Spends Quality Time with Haru at Tablo’s Radio Show

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang appeared as guest on MBC FM4U’sTablo’s Dreaming Radio” on July 8 where he talked about a number of things including his latest album, “Rise.”

At the middle of the show, Tablo’s four-year-old daughter Haru came over to visit and see Taeyang. Tablo revealed that his daughter is a fan of Taeyang and the singer was happy to know that the young girl didn’t change her mind. “I thought she switched to GD,” Taeyang said, “She loves your songs now!,” said Tablo.

“I feel like I should make good songs just for Haru. It makes me so happy just to see her sing along to my songs,” said Taeyang during the interview.

Taeyang, whose affection towards Tablo’s daughter Haru is no secret, also had a fun time at the radio show because he was able to meet Haru and spend time with her.

In the singer’s personal Instagram account, Taeyang uploaded a photo of him and Haru with the words, “My day today. Thanks, Haru!”


 Watch Taeyang’s live performance of “Eyes, Nose, Lips” on Tablo’s Dreamy Radio here!