After School’s Raina Talks About Her Friendship with 2AM’s Jo Kwon

On the July 9 radio broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min’s 2PM,” rapper San E and After School/Orange Caramel member Raina both appeared as special guests on the radio show.

During the broadcast, MC Jang Dong Min asked the two guests about their close friends and social networks, and said, “I heard Raina is close friends with Jo Kwon.”

In response, Raina replied, “Of course, when we were students, Jo Kwon and I sat front to back of one another. Also, I was honestly jealous when Jo Kwon got into JYP [Entertainment] and I couldn’t.”

She continued, “Jo Kwon is a friend that really works hard. I learned a lot [from him] because we did our vibrations (vocal technique) differently.”

When Jang Dong Min asked if the two of them still contact each other, Raina said, “We don’t really [keep in contact] these days.”

Jokwon and Raina as students

Jo Kwon and Raina as students