Rookie Boy Group Legend Releases Debut Single and MV for “Left Out”

New boy group Legend released their debut single “Left Out” on July 8. 

Legend consists of five members: Listen, Roi, Lee Chang Sun, Lito, and Yoo Je Hyuk. Roi is a member of Chinese nationality. Altogether, the group is capable of speaking Chinese, English, and Japanese. They are also reported to have excellent vocal and dance skills, on top of their great visuals. 

Their debut single “Left Out” was written by American composer Iain James, who previously wrote TVXQ‘s “Wrong Number,” along with songs for musicians like One Direction, Olly Murs, and Taio Cruz. The lyrics for “Left Out” were penned by group member Lito, who wrote the lyrics in just five minutes. 

According to their agency, Legend is dreaming big, with enough songs written for three more albums. 

Check out their debut music video below! Soompiers, do you think they have what it takes to become a “legend” like their group name suggests?