Kim Gyu Ri Heads to Solomon Islands with “Law of the Jungle”

Actress Kim Gyu Ri will be heading to the Solomon Islands with wilderness survival variety show “Law of the Jungle.” She will be the only female cast member for this special, which is raising some interest on how the other cast members will treat her. 

Along with the other cast members including Kim Byung Man, Ryudam, Park Jung Chul, Kwon Oh Joong, and Kikwang of BEAST, Kim Gyu Ri will fly to the Solomon Islands sometime in July for the filming. EXO‘s Tao and actor Lee Jae Yoon will replace Lee Ki Kwang, Kim Tae Woo, and Kwon Oh Joong halfway through the trip. 

Solomon Islands are located in Oceania and boasts great natural beauty. The Solomon Islands special will air in August after the Indian Ocean special of “Law of the Jungle”.